Crowdfunded disaster recovery, for everyone.

A crowdfunding platform to meet the
needs of disaster victims.

For those in need of assistance

Request Items you need and share your story on Rebuildee. Once items are funded, we will organize their delivery to you.

For those who want to contribute

Browse Campaigns shared on Rebuildee and contribute towards specific items to help those in need.

How we help those in need.

1. Select what you need and share your story

Browse Rebuildee’s item list and curate items that you need after a disaster. Then create a campaign and share your story.

Items available on Rebuildee

2. Helpers will contribute to your recovery

Helpers who have received the share link can contribute to your recovery by funding items you selected for your campaign.

Example of how to create a campaign on Rebuildee

3. Rebuildee will ensure item fullfilment

Once items are fullfilled, the Rebuildee team will ensure the delivery of your items right to you.

Item fullfilment on Rebuildee and shipping to you

How you can help those in need.

There are many ways you can help those in need. You can work directly with Rebuildee to allocate resources to their disaster relief efforts. You can also donate directly to the victims of the disaster.