Crowdfunded disaster recovery, for everyone.

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Welcome to Rebuildee

who we connect


Individuals or oganizations who have been affected by a disaster and are seeking aid.


Those who wish to support friends, families, and community members affected by disasters.


Local and national businesses who have the items needed by requesters.

What Makes Rebuildee Different?


Rebuildee's work uplifts families by providing a valuable service while focusing on hope and possibility.


Rebuildee is a more efficient alternative to existing aid options. One of our primary strengths is helping people find home again via a faster, easier recovery process.


Rebuildee takes an individual approach to every person who seeks to use our platform. We treat all individuals with respect, dignity, and integrity.


Rebuildee's work is based upon the idea that people want to help those in need. We leverage the power of community to give aid to those most in need.

what we do

Rebuildee enables those displaced by disasters to identify the items they need most during the rebuilding process so family and friends can be an active part of the rebuilding process. 

Rebuildee allows for less time to be spent on finding household essentials, and more time spent caring for one’s family and oneself.

What Rebuildee's Users Say

“Rebuilding after the fire was a complicated, drawn out process. Rebuildee would have made it sufficiently easier.”
- Melania K.
“When I lost my home, all my friends and family wanted to help but nobody knew how. Rebuildee would have fixed that.”
- Steven B.
“My insurance coverage was insufficient for the damage to my home, I needed a platform like Rebuildee to fully recover.”
- Laurel b.

Ready to Begin the Rebuildee Process?

We are here to connect you to your community to help refurnish your home.