who we connect

Rebuildee connects those who need aid with those who give it

Those In Need

Rebuildee’s primary goal is to assist those displaced from their homes by disaster or other circumstances. Our platform is for anyone affected by fires, hurricanes, or any other type of destructive event. 

This includes everyone, from those who have lost their entire house, those who have had partial damage, and organizations looking to help others such as the homeless. 

Regardless of the extent of the destruction, Rebuildee can help. 

Those Who Give

Rebuildee allows friends, family, and community members to fulfill the specific needs of people they know that have been affected by disasters. 

Once a list of needed items has been created, anyone can pitch in to help with the rebuilding process. This includes relatives, coworkers, classmates, and more.

We take the guesswork out of providing aid in the aftermath of a disaster by providing a personalized, accessible list of exactly what is needed during the rebuilding process.


Rebuildee incorporates a range of businesses, big and small, local and national, to provide the best items for rebuilding ones home. 

We ensure efficient, reliable transactions for those in need and those looking to give. 

Bringing It Together

Rebuildee acts as a bridge between those in need, those who give aid, and those who can give it, for all types of scenarios. 

Our approach is one of community empowerment, utilizing the goodwill of regular people to achieve big things.

We bring together individuals, organizations, and communities to help people address one another’s needs.